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Individual Tax Returns

Individual Tax ReturnsPricingDescription
Form 1040 1 - Short$75W2 Earnings & Interest Income
Form 1040 1 - Long$175Additional Income & Adjustments
Form 1040 2$200Additional Taxes: SE, Investment & Foreign
Form 1040 3$175Additional Credits & Payments
Form 1040-SR$150Individuals 65 & older
Form 1040-NR$200Non-Resident Aliens in Business
Form 1040 X$80Amended Tax Return
Form 1099 NEC$15Self-Employment Income - 1040
Forms 1099 C$15Debt Cancellation - 1040
Form 1099-R$25Pensions & Distributions
Form 1116$50Foreign Tax Carryover
Form 2106$25Employee Business Expense
Form 2441$25Child & Dependent Care Expense
Form 4562$65Depreciation & Amortization Schedule
Form 4952$75Investment & Expense Deduction
Form Schedule A$60Itemized Deductions
Form Schedule B$15Interest & Ordinary Dividends
Form Schedule C$85Profit & Loss From Business
Form Schedule D$55Capital Gains & Losses
Form Schedule E$75Rental Real Estate Activity
Form 8283$40Non-Cash Contributions
Form 8606$25Non-Deductible IRA Contributions
Auto Worksheet$50Automobile Mileage & Deductions
Form 8949$25Sale & Disposition of Assets
Form 8857$75Innocent Spouse Relief
Form 8863$40Education Credits
Form 8822$25Change of Address
Form 8824$150Like-Kind Exchanges Business & Invest Properties
Form 8829$75Expenses for Business Use of The Home
Form 8839$50Qualified Adoption Expenses
Form 8867 (EIC)$75EIC Due Diligence Report
E-filing fee$20Electronic Filing Fee